Monday, February 1, 2016

Going old school

One of my nearest and dearest is the reason why I started blogging. She even came up with 'brown button'. How things have changed. We caught up on the weekend to do some 'binge watching' of Nashville (or as we like to call it 'nashy') - we got hooked via netflix, I've paid and down loaded third season on itunes and because I don't need any further excuse to leave the house I haven't signed up for foxtel to get it in real time, so we will keep downloading (legally)

Ms 'White and Wander' has seen me through my darkest days (she's a keeper I tell you!) and we've had the best of times of well. Speaking of which....

She married her perfect partner in crime on new years eve and it was such a fabulous night (i may have made a killer play list on spotify for the d-floor that was only occupied by me, :P- but i'm sure that assisted, right? ) - When you know, you know. No messing around (and i stole a pic, tell me to remove but it needs to be on the interwebs xx)

Where was I? - that's right. Why I started blogging. And how things have changed. We blogged because there was no pinterest. No instagram. Shit, there was no facebook (but that makes us look wayyyy too old so i'm not going to go there) - it was a way of sharing stuff we found with friends.

But the blogs today? Wow. Amazing. And so much respect. And thankfully because of all their effort and time and original content the best ones are making it their full time occupation. But gosh its intimating. Because I've never had the guts or the talent to make it a full time thing. And those that do have the most unbelievable talent and skill and they (hopefully) finally earning an income off the back of the original and creative ability. My blog has always been about sharing stuff I loved (with the proper credit given of course) as well as the dodgy pic of something I did at home.

I have been incredibly lucky to enjoy a successful career in my chosen vocation (which couldn't be further removed from what i carrying on about here) and it brings me great satisfaction - so I'm going to let go of those feelings of inferiority - and every now and then I think it will be good to  head back here to do what I started this blog for - sharing some awesome stuff  (according to me...), the old school way. Because its my thing and I enjoy it.

Em - I was going to send this to you via email or some other interwebs thingy... but pfft, lets do it the 'old school way' - I give you Channing doing the best Beyonce you will ever see. And Channing's wife doing the best Channing you have every seen. You are welcome xx