Tuesday, August 11, 2015


My dear friend Emma sent me this clip tonight. Um, on wayyyyy too many levels I love this.

First of all, its a bloody brilliant ad. And its fair to say that I am pretty fond of anything 'crazy cat lady-esque' given my ridiculous devotion to my cat, Chuck Bass the British Blue.

But the song. Oh, the song. I learnt the flute as a kid and it got that bit more 'cool' (yes really) - when I got to play songs on my flute accompanied by a backing cassette tape. On my hot pink ghetto blaster (ok, tape recorder...). And this song was one of my favourites.

So if you live in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, and you see some crazy woman riding around on a bike with a distressed cat strapped down in a basket this weekend its likely to be me and chuck, attempting to live out this advertisement. Wish us luck.......

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