Sunday, August 23, 2015

HE IS BACK! Chuck Bass the VERY naughty cat.

yep, he's back - and as you can see, as if nooooothing happened..

What a night it was. A facebook site that had posted him missing had reported that a "Grey, beautiful, well looked after cat' had been found deceased near a mcdonalds on a main road very  close to my house.
I was SURE it was him. Distraught I have mum and dad en route to my house and my dear friend Pippa. I contact the site and ask them if they think it might be Chuck - they send a photo of chuck to the people who found the poor deceased kitty.
I was a TOTAL mess. Next minute Pippa is yelling at me front outside the front door. I open the door and there she is HOLDING A VERY ALIVE CHUCK BASS.
As she pulled up and got out of her car, she heard meowing coming from the garden of the house across the road. On investigation there is the little rascal nesting in the bushes.
It was surreal. Ridiculous relief. And chuck? meh. whateves. really didn't care much. not shaken up - just trotting about once we get him inside.
A ridiculous set of events and such a miracle to have my little fur kid home with me. There was a lot of preening and cleaning going on, as you can see in this pic. And his little paw pads are a tad rough but thats it.
I can't begin to thank my friends, family, neighbors, everyone for looking after me during this time and helping me look for Chuck. 
We are off to the vet tomorrow for a check up as well as attaching him to every type of identification money can buy.
Thinking of that poor kitty that didn't make it at maccas and incredibly grateful chuck is home safe and sound xx


  1. Yippeee !! We are glad the bad boy was home safe. They are funny cats, and don't usually wander far, but you made sure he gets a micro chip.

    Now we will sleep well tonight.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. What a Scally~Wag.....Bless!x
    Perhaps he just wanted to show off
    his dickie~bow.....! :).

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