Friday, April 14, 2017


Giving Easter eggs is so Easter 2016.... pfft!
Easter 2017? Its about beautiful bling at ridiculous prices,shipped to you for FREE.
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Best flats for under $60 - asos, you complete me.

I'm super short. I'd wear heels. But so would everyone else. So I was still short. Comfort is key. I love a good flat shoe, and refuse to wear anything but (a wedge at a stretch). Here are some fun & flat (and fabulously priced) shoes from asos. (just because, not sponsored in anyway)

I'm FINALLY heading to North America for three weeks in August so I'm in major shopping SHUT DOWN. But it doesn't mean I can't compile some fun list for everyone else... right??

I think this can only be good for the blog. Posting what I want to purchase rather than actually punching in the credit card numbers... still the same rush. (that's what I'm telling myself anyway)

Oh, and all under $60  - happy days!

1. Unicorn flat (you're welcome) 
2. Silver pointy (a must have staple - obviously)
3. Leopard Print  (its the new black - keep up!)
4. Flamingo Flat (Palm Springs 24/7)
5. Sparkly Bow (I may have broken the 'no shopping' vow for these)
6. Avo Taco (no words)
7. Rose Gold (yup)
8. Black & White (classics)
9. Pink Metallic (get it in your cart now)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Brown Button Trading Shop is saying Goodbye.

The little shop is closing. Not sad at all (I feel bad, so many have been so lovely with their messages on hearing the news) - Should have done it years ago. Damn the heart being bigger than the head....Its tough out there I tell you! - although those in the business, you know.

Winding things up and the website will end on 28 February 2017. Everything left is at least 50% off. There will be NO further discounts. Grab yourself some bargains!

But for what it's worth the blog will continue. Back to where it all began. Just for me. 

Oh, and you didn't think i'd leave that quietly did you? Just pulling together the final pieces of the next online venture. Stay tuned xox 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

La La Land, Dahlias, Rose, Ebay & Bargain Bling - these are a few of my favourite things

I know, I know - second post for the year and it is still January. But I figure if Trump can become President of the United States, pigs must be flying over so I should write another post.

Love me the movies. And a bit of singing and dancing. So no surprise that I LOVED La La Land. I had no preconceived ideas, I knew they must dance and sing, and that it had Ryan Gosling (no further explanation needed) and the adorable Emma Stone in it.

To steal the words of my father (well it was a text really...) after hearing I was at the movies watching it - 'For me it was brilliant, clever and creative besides being original'.  I concur.

Em was expecting more, she wanted more Luhrmann-esque grandeur and more singing and dancing (i hope I have quoted you correctly sweets!) - but it was perfect to me. Actually up there as one of my favourites now I've had more time to think about it.

Even if you don't love the storyline, the cinematography, set design and costumes smashed it out of the park for me. I really haven't seen anything like it. You often forget what era it is set in. Just when you think it is old school movie someone pulls out a mobile phone or jumps in a Prius.

The only bit there was a bit of debate about with Dad was the ending, but I don't want to spoil it. But if you have your own opinion on the movie I would love to hear it.

The soundtrack is on spotify - I know what I'll have on repeat for the next week.... Here is one of my favourites...

This following YouTube link should probably only be watched if you have seen the movie, or you don't mind a spoiler. I think it sums up my opinion of it beautifully. Pure Escapism but also a study on what truly constitutes a 'happy ending'.

This week we had the funeral of my 96 year old Grandma - 'Grandma Brown'. She indeed had a complete life, 96 years of pretty much no ill health and of sound mind, probably the last year saw her mind failing, and the last two months her body deteriorating. So you can't be sad, but I do grieve the loss of her, the end of an era and have spent much time remembering who she was and what she represented. One thing both my grandparents were known for was their unbelievable gardens.
Bunches of sweet peas I took back to the boarding house at the start of the new school year, the fuchsias my sister and I would cheekily go and pop in their lush shade house, the 'fruit carpet' grandpa would make with all the excess fruit, long before there was ever such a thing as 'fruit rollups'.

Grandpa always had a camera around his neck, so we have an incredible collection of photographic history of our family. I recalled the photo above, and it was used in Grandma's funeral -  and when I put two and two together I realised it was a patch full of dahlias she was standing in, my favourite flower. Maybe this passion was an inherited one and not just one of pure chance.

I love that I will be continued to be reminded of them, including old memories that I didn't realise I still have. A stunning pick of straw flowers in my instagram feed today reminded me of the ones they grew. We would take them back to Burra as kids and decorate our room with them.

Caught up with one of my favourites today - Yes we had crossed paths just once when we were barely 20 and knew of each other,  but I'd like to think that I can thank the 'www' and the 'blog' for introducing us. (good things can happen on the web I promise) - Caught up on everything over some seriously fabulous wine. Rose even. Nice and dry, just how I like it. South Australian (of course) - Mazi. Delish. Get it here.

Her daughter even drew an incredible likeness of Chuck Bass The Cat. Cute right? If you've seen him on instagram (and lets face it, who hasn't given he has over 2k followers, more than the BBT account has. pffft) - this sums up the fur kid perfectly....

OK, Almost finished.... I have some fabulous clothes I've never worn (but stupidly taken the tag off) - and gorgeous pieces I've bought on eBay that have never fit but always held on to because 'maybe if I go on that diet that I will never go on,  I might be able to wear'........

Having watched the brilliant doco 'Minimalism' by the minimalists on netflix, its time to purge this stuff. I've long surrounded myself with 'stuff' to make up for what I felt was other shortcomings in my life. ENOUGH!  Its time to go you 'gorgeous clothes that I will never fit into even if I lost limbs and cut out major organs' So I need some tips? best way to sell? I thought eBay, but a few people have mentioned facebook pages. Even perhaps gumtree? If you have any hints and tips I'd be most appreciated.

So that's enough 'dear diary' - but lets face it, that was what the original blog always was. And I need it again. So here it is. But to bring it back to the shop, here is a reminder that we are winding up 'bbt bling' and we have some serious bargains on offer. And all jewellery orders are posted for free, AND we are sending a fab 'gift with purchase' on every jewellery order. Oh and super cool sale in general still happening here.

ciao ciao xx

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oh I do love a doco, hot weather (not) , all the netflix & the electronic book thingy.

Happy New Year and all that.
Back at work now but was fortunate enough to have two weeks off. First week with all of the extended family in Noosa, second week at home to do all those jobs that you just don't get done unless you have a week put aside.... But it was too hot (what jobs??)  So I set up a pillow fort and bunked down in the lounge room where the air con is. And the television and my limitless wifi....

First up - two documentaries you can hit up on ABC iview. Been around for a while but first time I've seen and still so fabulous.

Mademoiselle C - a doco on Carine Rotfield's solo venture after leaving French Vogue and the development and launch of her first 'fashion book' - CR. Loved it all. The glitz, glamour, fashion, vision, hard work, the fashion shoots, and her! Whether or not it was the angle the doco was taking - I really warmed to her. Passionate, hard working, love for her family, collaborative and oh so flipping stylish.  Had pigeon holed her in the 'devil wears prada' mould but was pleasantly surprised. To me she is the ultimate, and that hair! pleaseeeeee. Karl Lagerfeld is a crack up, and Tom Ford kills me. Available on iview until 16 January. Click for link

Mission to Lars - 2012 doco about English siblings who attempt to arrange for their brother Tom to fulfill a long term passion of his, to meet the drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich. Tom has Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition causing intellectual disability, behavioural  and learning challenges. It's a beautiful story and with a brilliant ending (I won't spoil the story! you can't guess,,,) - certainly a great 'feel good' given some of the 'not so good feeling' stuff that is going on with the world at the moment. WATCH IT! - its on iview (which is free by the way!) until 22 January. Click for link.

I've been known to lose whole weekends to 'the netflix' (or Stan, Presto etc. I don't discriminate) - When 'Please Like Me' first aired on ABC I was traveling a lot overseas for work so I was unable to string consecutive episodes together. I'd caught them here and there and loved it and understood enough to follow it loosely, but on a good tip from Kate after talking about our mutual love of Rosehaven  (click here to start if you are stoooopid and haven't seen it yet - available til Feb!),  I sat down and watched all four seasons from start to finish (3 seasons on Netflix, last season on iview).
Bloody frickin' heck Josh Thomas, you are the bomb. You and the people you collaborated with to write, direct, produce and act in this series. Laugh out loud, cringe behind your hands knowingly, weeping openly - feel all of the emotions. So brilliant on so many levels. As someone who has lived with and managed (not always well!!) mental illness since last year uni (i'm not doing the numbers but its been a while) - the accuracy to which this shitful condition is dealt with across all four season is incredible. In the clinic? oh my lordy lord, its been some time since I have had to spend time there but gosh it was done well.  Put it on your list people and watchhhh ittttt. Not sure how long netflix keeps series available, but if you want to ensure you see all of season 4 on iview, the first episode of the season finishes on 13 January, so hurry up peeps! x For first episode, start here.

Speaking of all things netflix and stan - what are you watching? what should I be watching?? - Loved 'Younger', can't wait for the next season of  'Designated Survivor', devoured 'The Crown' (love all things Royal despite being a Republican. Because I can...
Started Billions - still warming to it.
oh oh oh - LOVED Minimalism. Must watch.

One thing I always wanted in my home was a wall of book cases/shelving. And it had to cover the whole wall, over the door way. I spent a fortune and my little SFC (single fronted cottage) now includes said wall. Happy days.

I already had mountains of books and magazines and 'stuff' - so the cabinetry was easy to fill. But I've tried to cut down my spending (don't laugh) - so magazines are few and far between, mainly because I never found time to read.... and books - I only ever read once. So from a cost point of view and a 'stuff' point of view (see reference to 'minimalism' doco above!) - I finally succumbed over the Christmas break to 'Kindle-ing' , or as I succinctly refer to it  - the electric book thingy.

Well, it's fair to say I've taken to it like a duck to water :) - reminds me a bit of netty flix etc.
First up - a book I had heard about through another book I read. Well, well, well. Ding, ding, ding. A bloody brilliant read. Apparently, statistically there are a lot of us - but amongst my dear friends now, we are few and far between - 30 something  (fucking brilliant) single women. 

If you are one of these women and feeling a bit fragile about not being loved up and married with kids like the majority - stop what you are doing and read this god damn book. Hard copy, electric book thingy copy - I don't care, just do it. If you need me to buy it for you I will. It just mad me feel good (not that I was feeling super shitty to begin with, btw), and I'm about to read it again ( I know, I know). Thank you Sara Eckel. You are the business. Oops, almost forgot to tell you the name of the book, but I think that is because I don't believe it does it justice. Its so much more. READ IT LADIES!!!  - It's Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You're Single

Currently reading Jessi Klein's 'You'll Grow Out Of It" - LOVE. get it in your kindle here

Ok- that was some serious old school blogging. Yay. 

Don't forget the little brown button trading shop has a stupid sale on - Sunnylife Inflatables 50% off, 2017 agendas more than 50% off with free shipping. And all the bling is shipped free of charge.

K x